Sunday, December 26, 2010

First Christmas!

Our tiny tree:
 Annaliese's adorable stocking from Mimi Ruth and Grandpa Ed:
 And Annaliese's santa dress from her Aunt B!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010



We give her a spoon to try and eat with and she just looked at it and continued to eat with her hands. haha


I love this dress!

Video Madness!

In case you were jones'n for some videos of Turtle:
Here's one of her playing with my iPod.
Here's a hilarious one of her eating hummis. It's actually strange that she reacted like that when we took the video because all the bites she had before this she loved. She was growling for more if I took too long to give her the next spoonful.

Here's one of her wearing my favorite color gDiaper, playing with Daddy:
And last but not least, here is one of A dancing:

Winter Gear.

It takes about 20 minutes to get A totally dressed with all the layers and her boots and hat. She looks like a marshmellow and is normally frustrated to no end once we're finished.


Sometimes when Annaliese gets bored with her toys, she enjoys helping me with the laundry. I don't think she realizes pulling the clothes out of the baskets and rolling around in them isn't really helping. It is so cute though.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Silly Goose.

Want to know why there so many pictures of Annaliese at meal times?

That's why.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Santa Claus at the North Pole!

 A lot of people don't realize that there is an entire town in Alaska that is decorated year round as a Santa Claus village. It is appropriately named 'North Pole'. We took advantage of the warmer temperatures today [12 degrees above zero] to go and visit Santa Claus' house!
 Annaliese was standoffish at first like any other normal baby but as soon as she got close to his beard she was mesmerized. It was really funny. And when it came time to take the picture she had the cutest facial expression. I mean seriously, hilarious.
 Erich refused to go up there and take a picture with Santa and Annaliese without me so we all took a family photo with him. I really wish i would have worn a different shirt though.
 In Santa's house he had a standing plush moose and Annaliese couldn't help but touch the fur.
 Same went for the standing plush polar bear. Here she is petting it's arm.
 The two pictures below are of some ice sculptures in front of Santa's house.!
 You could actually sit in the sleigh to take pictures if you wanted but it had started snowing so we snapped a few pics as we were leaving.
 Here's a picture of Santa's house from the road.
And of course, the reindeer playing in Santa's back yard.


Here's a couple videos of Turtle walking down the hall. I know that several people in my family wanted to see this. Enjoy.

Climbing on Momma

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Walking Tall.

Annaliese gets braver by the day. She wants to walk so bad. She's actually started to hold only one hand while walking around with Daddy and I. It's only a matter of time now!


This Thanksgiving, Annaliese and I were luckily enough to spend the holiday with her daddy. Uncle Lou came over as well to enjoy time with friends and delicious turkey and stuffing. Compliments to my awesome mom who supplied the recipes.

Eating mashed potatoes and getting them everywhere, including her White Bummis Pocket Tot diaper!


Here's Turtle enjoying the last of her Mum-Mum's Rice Rusks. She loves them but she'll have to wait until payday to get more of this treat.
And check out her Blue Bummis Pocket Tot!! It's my favorite color Pocket Tot I have for her!
And above is Annaliese playing in mashed potatoes. Only 60% actually got into her mouth. The rest was mostly in her hair. haha


If there's one thing Annaliese loves doing most, it's climbing. She literally would prefer to crawl over to a wall, climb to standing, and look around rather than sitting and playing with toys.


Here is Annaliese wearing her "Going Green" Diaper from Bunky Fluff Diapers. This brand has so far been my favorite handmade shop for diapers. They are probably the only ones that fit perfectly around her chubs and still keep in all the mess/ wetness.
Here's a close up. I love the print!
 Annaliese is sitting in Erich's buddy, Louviere's lap here. We call him Uncle Lou.
She loves Uncle Lou!
 And when he bounces his knee, she falls right to sleep.