Monday, April 11, 2011


Turtle's Birthday:

 All the dads were playing Fooseball the whole time. lol
 Singing 'Happy Birthday' to Turtle.

 The sugar-high that ensued:

 Later in March: Learning she can pick her nose:
 Dinner with Daddy:

 She picked out these clothes... all by herself.
 She pulled the heaband down after about 10minutes though..
 Sitting in her toy box playing with my keys.
 Sleeping with her 'Singamajig'

 Turtle was super clingy that day so I had to wrap her to me so i could make dinner.
 The shoes I made Annaliese:
 Her wearing the shoes:
 This is the face she makes when she has to blow her nose.
 Her outfit from Nanny:
 Family photo: She was tired and Erich looks drunk. lol but it was the best picture we got out of it.
 She actually wore that bow all day!