Sunday, August 29, 2010


Annaliese ate rice cereal for the first time yesterday. She couldn't get enough. She loved it! Here's some pictures:


Annaliese got to see Ruth while we were Arizona as well! In this picture, Annaliese is spending some time with Ruth at the bowling alley during Haley and Nico's birthday party.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Grandpa Ed

My dad was sick when we first got to Arizona but he started feeling better later in the week and was able to hold Turtle for a while.
I think Annaliese is my dads favorite grandchild, but SHH... don't tell him i said so.

Nap time.

I am so glad Annaliese is learning to sleep by herself for nap time. I can get so much more done when i don't have to lay right next to her. She doesn't sleep as long when she's by herself but i think she's getting better about it.

However, there are times when she refuses to lay down by herself. While we were in Arizona, Annaliese preferred to be held by her Uncle Walker for a nap.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Annaliese turned 6 months old yesterday. Besides that wonderful milestone, she also copied Erich in saying "DaDa".


Arizona is pretty sunny so Erich let Turtle borrow his shades.


I suppose Erich got a little addicted to his DS on the trip to my Dad's house, but Annaliese didn't mind watching him play.

Friday, August 6, 2010

More Love.

Seeing them together like this literally makes my heart burst with sheer happiness.

Daddy's hat.



Teething has become a new event in the life of Annaliese. She constantly has her hands in her mouth. She loves her teething toys. And for the first time since she was 2weeks old, she's been fussy during the night.
We gave her some teething tablets last night. Only three like the bottle directed. And she was bouncing off the walls. The box said it would make her sleepy??


Sometimes I wonder if Erich were staring at a wall, would Annaliese do it too?
She is so engrossed in him.


Nani loves the turtle. And the turtle looks confused. haha. She's still trying to figure out the camera.

So easy..

So easy, a teenage boy could do it. haha ♥

My birthday.

My birthday was July 21st. It also happens to be Annaliese's grandpa's [my dad's] birthday as well. She decided to dress up for the occasion.


Well, as you can see, I've been pretty busy lately. My brother Nicholas has been in town and Erich got home just a week ago.
I can't believe I haven't more pictures since Erich's been here. I didn't even take a picture of him and Annaliese the night he got home like I normally do. We were so exhuasted by the time of night he got here though, it was hard to even stay awake that night.
Okay then, here's a few pictures since my last post:

her new pink shoes.
her new toy she can't take her eyes off of.
A in the back carry in my new aqua blue woven wrap.
better view.