Friday, April 2, 2010

Watch her grow.

I love that I have this blog for Annaliese. Now anyone can watch her grow over the days, months, years.. how ever long I continue writing. I know I haven't posted in a while but I will be posting at least once a week.
Here's whats happened since we got home:
1. A has a rash on her face that the doctor explained as dry skin and said all we have to do is wash her face with soap and give her a bath everyday. Well that hasn't changed her rash. It's still as red and bumpy as ever. I don't know if I should worry or put it off as just baby acne and be confident that she will grow out of it eventually.
2. A is going through a growth spurt and she's been eating every hour. It's exhausting, both physically and mentally. I feel like she cries all the time because she's hungry all the time and my supply of breast milk can't keep up right now.
3. My sister Gabriella has lice, not very bad but still in need of a delousing. So rather than going to school [which she obviously couldn't go to], she stayed home with me. I spent all day trying to ge the special shampoo in her hair because Annaliese has been eating so much lately.
4. Erich is at his AIT station now so he can call more often. It's nice because he talks to Annaliese at least once everytime he calls. She sometimes smiles when he talks to her, other times she gnaws on her hand in a completely oblivious manner. It's cute.

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