Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dear me.

It sure has taken me a while to post again. Sorry about that, sometimes i find that i stay more busy at certian times of day. This, in turn, makes me procrastinate on other things and it kind of crashed together last night. I realized i had so much to do and i had so much to catch up on. I really do spend my entire day taking care of Annaliese and this last week has been eventful.

Some things you've missed:
1. Annaliese has started choking in her sleep. Apparently it's either reflux after she eats or she's congested and is choking on her own spit/snot. The problem is that she doesn't make any sounds when she chokes so I've pretty mch been holding her all day everday this past week. I've been watching her like a hawk for fear that she will choke again. Luckily, she hasn't choked since Tuesday.
2. Annaliese turned 3 weeks old as of Tuesday the 9th. In one week she'll be a month old!! Where in the heck did all that time go?! I look back and try to remember each day but it's all a blur. I can honestly say that I still feel like i just got home from the hospital with her. [Which is ironic because I actually did- we had to go to the hospital today. It'll be explained in #3.] She's even still as small as when she was born... technically smaller considering she's still not back up to birth weight.
3. We had to go the hospital today to see the lactation consultants. Because Annaliese hasn't gained back up to her birth weight, I've been worried that she hasn't been getting enough to eat during her feedings. When we got to the hospital they weighed her and then i feed her and then they weighed her again. At first go she only took about 2oz. then when did a second go around and she got up to the 3oz mark. 3oz is what she needs to have eaten during one feeding. So they reccomended i supplement with my extra pumped milk. I go back in a week to get her weighed again and see if that tecnique works.

The next post will include a bunch of new pictures and videos I've made in that last week.

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