Thursday, March 4, 2010


Last night Annaliese's umbilical stump fell out... well part of it. There's actually some still left inside her bellybutton and it looks so gross and moist still. I kind of freaked out when I went to change her diaper and I was unsnapping her outfit and then BAM! no shriveled up stump. I went and got an alcohol swab and cleaned it immediately. I hope that little bit inside there dries out and falls off too soon. I want to give her a real bath so bad. It's going to be so cute when she can splash the water for the first time. Right now she can only kick her feet in the little bit of water at the bottom of her tub. Honestly, I think she only does that out of a Morrow Reflex rather than having fun exploring.
This morning I cut Annaliese's nails for the first time! It wasn't hard at all! She slept through the entire process. Now she's making little squeaks in her playpen bed at the stuffed moose toy that Erich got her. I wonder if she knows its from her daddy. She stares at it so much, it's like it calms her down.

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