Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Goodness gracious, where did September come from!!?! It feels like just yesterday Annaliese was learning how to smile. The time is flying by so fast, it takes my breath away. Soon, Annaliese and I will be joining Erich in Alaska and starting our new life in The Great White North. I'm hoping that the strange day versus night ratio there will slow down my perception of the time passing.
Annaliese can now sit all by herself for any amount of time. When she can't reach something from where she is sitting, she leans over onto her belly and scoots to it. She can't quite crawl yet but it's surely only a matter of weeks now.
We tried applesauce last night with her cereal, at first she spit it out and then she got to the point she liked it. I was hoping the cereal later in the day would help her to sleep later last night. She didnt wake up this morning until 9am!
She's started to wake up in the middle of the night to eat and she'll be laying in her co-sleeper bed right next to me and she wont even cry, she just mumbles "MaMa" over and over again. Not "DaDa", not "BahBah", or "NaNa"... she says "MaMa". Part of me wants to believe she knows i'm mama. Esp, when i go to pick her up and she outstretches her arms and continues saying "MaMa". But then again, i can't be sure.. she also says "MaMa" to her rattle during tummy time.

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