Monday, September 13, 2010


So last night marked the first time Annaliese has gotten a fever out of no where. At first i thought she might be getting sick but then it occured to me that she's going to be 7months old on Thursday and she still has no teeth. Ah, yes, teething...

I suppose my first clue would have been the drool, that combined with the fact she wasn't acting as though she felt sick. Nevertheless, i gave her baby tylenol before bed and again this morning when we woke up and i woke up periodically last night just to check on her. She was fine, sleeping like a log, most likely thanks to the tylenol.

These pictures posted today are from this morning, just a few hours ago. I decided to dress her in this dress that i got for her at my baby shower. [Probably the only dress i actually had on my registry]. I love it. But it's a 12m so up til now i figured it would be too big... Unfortnately, i think she will only wear it a couple times including today. Her chubby little arms are a bit snug in it. :(

This next picture i think is hilarious because i snapped it off right as she was blinking.

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